Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mother's Day

March is such a busy month! We are celebrating World Book Day, Mother's Day and Easter, and we also have specific topics and different skills to learn. As my penpal Natalia wrote it in her email once : "Siempre vamos con la lengua fuera." I know that Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates in all the Spanish speaking countries; the reason why I am fitting it in now is because it would be nice if the children could take some Spanish gifts home. I teach 8 classes a week and run a lunchtime Spanish club, we will use the following activities:

A tongue twister

Many years ago around Mother's Day I was sitting in a Spanish restaurant where the laminated placemat said "Mi mamá me mima mucho." I am sure we will have fun repeating it and listening to each other!

Gifts to take home in Spanish
I bought a big bag of letter beads a few months ago in my favourite charity shop, I was hoping to use them in my classroom to practise spelling. But because the beads are "girly" I couldn't find any activities suitable for everybody until last week when I thought that we could make bracelets for Mother's Day! Even boys will enjoy this, because they can make a gift for their mums or they can make a flower instead / write a card in Spanish.

 you can buy letter beads  on ebay
There are two types of flowers: one is for Year 6 where we are learning "porque" and describing ourselves (adjectives), the other one is for the younger ones, we will learn to  say "Te quiero, Mamá".  The templates are here and here.

A song

I love the animation, the tune and the fact that it is subtitled.


There are more ideas on Janet Lloyd's Mother Day's blog post! I am waiting for the postman to bring my "Mi mamá" book by Anthony Brown:-). I will let you know about it.
Update on 13/3/2014
I received the book, it is full of adjectives, a great chance to practise genders and agreement.
¡Feliz día de la Madre! from my garden...this hydrangea was my very first Mother's Day gift five years ago:-)



  1. Me encantan las flores y las pulseras Erzsi. Muchas gracias :-)

  2. ¡Hola! He estado siguiendo tu blog, y me encanta. :) Would love to invite you to link up to the you have such great, and creative ideas on teaching Spanish.

    Thank you! Looking forward to checking out your link-ups. :)