Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Goodbye Year 6!

A week ago I said goodbye to my first Year 6 class I had been teaching since Year 3. It was a small group compared to the others, there were only about 22 of them and we had long, 60-minute lessons so we really got to know each other well  and learnt lots of Spanish:-)!
Here I am sharing some moments of how we said goodbye.
Transition mirrors:



In the last half term we spent some time looking at what we had learnt in the previous years and wrote down what we could say about ourselves if we looked into a Spanish mirror. I encouraged the pupils to take these to secondary school and show their new teachers!
Welcome to Spanish! - letters to the new Year 3

This is an idea I saw on Twitter, but lost the tweet and don't know who to be grateful to, sorry! I asked the pupils to write a letter to the new Year 3 who never had a Spanish lesson before and tell them what Spanish would be like. They were allowed to use decorations from the art cupboard:
These will look great on the display in September!
Goodbye gifts
I am a big charity shop and carboot sales fan. I have bought lots of dictionaries and travel books this year, they were very cheap, some cost me 5p only and the most expensive one was 50p. In the last lesson I set challenges: races, best singers and games- the winners came out to pick a book prize until everybody got chosen.
I got this card from a pupil and put it up on my wall:-) Goodbye Year 6, and good luck with languages in the future, you will be great!

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