Friday, 29 August 2014

My teaching space

In the past few weeks I have seen teachers on Twitter getting their classrooms ready for September, and the great photos they have posted are making me feel very jealous! I am a visiting language teacher, a one person travelling circus who carries ALL these things in her hands:-)

I park 10 minutes away from my school, that is a fair bit of walk for me every Tuesday and Thursday morning, carrying my "classroom". And because I like challenges, on my way back home, I go to the charity shop just a few minutes away from my school, and buy even more things I then have to carry back to the car! The ladies who work in the shop worry about me if I don't turn up on Tue/Thu, we have become very fond of each other over the years, so I pop in all the time. I have bought lots of treasures there for my teaching: look at my puppet Valentín, or the pizza hat he is wearing (for the "Soy una pizza song.")

Here is a list of my teaching space:
The basket: it is my BRAIN, it has general teaching stuff: a lesson plan book, my iPad with converter for the board , dictionaries, a kitchen timer, fly swats, a Spain scarf (for the mystery voice), fake moustaches for detective games, reward stickers (from The Language Stickers Company), reward notes to send home, CDs,one kilogram of blu tack, a USB stick with a million songs/videos/PowerPoints/YouTube clips,the talking hamster, and the parrot, who flies around the classroom in every single lesson I teach in the first 5 minutes asking questions in Spanish.
Two big yellow bags: I bought these at the airport duty free shop for £1 a few years ago, they are very sturdy and look great. I teach in 2 schools, there is a bag for each.
The 3rd bag (I love Madrid, it says): it is for eTwinning/Spanish club/crafts. In the picture you can also see some playmats, they are only with me occassionaly when I feel I need to burn extra calories!The playmat activities were inspired by Vicky Cooke and Julie Prince.
As a reward, 2-3 pupils can carry my basket, bags and CD player from one room to the other after the class. They absolutely love it, it's better than offering chocolate!

My desk: Well, I don't really have one, nor do I have an office... My teaching resources had been stored all over the house in the past 5 years, but this spring my husband agreed to give me half his loft space, which is his beloved art studio. Because I got there second, I got the space just under the roof where I can't actually stand up:-) I kneel, crawl, sit or lie when I am up there and knocked my head on the beams and ceiling so many times, I don't feel the pain any more. Here everything is put away in topic boxes, each box/drawer has toys, lesson plans and activity descriptions. I have separate shelves for Intercultural Understanding, children's books and stationary. I have big buckets for eTwinning, ALL Primary hub stuff and European Day of Languages rewards (to order free stuff, see my EDL blog post).

On my wall I have language teaching posters I bought from the Association for Language Learning. You can order them from the ALL website.

I know primary Spanish teachers who have their own rooms:  I have seen Carmen's classroom pictures on her blog and Fatima Duerden posted some pictures of hers in the Facebook group before. They both look fabulous, I wish I could be a pupil sitting there in their lessons:-)

But don't think I have always lived like this.... on a different planet in a previous life, I had my own language school, in an old train carriage, heated by a stove:-)

update 31/8/2014: I have just finished my planning on my kitchen table, on a huge sheet of paper!

Happy New Year to everybody going back to school next week!


  1. Madre mía Erzsi! ¡Menuda aventura cada día! Yo también estuve viajando de un lao para otro cuando fui profe de inglés en España y sé lo que es asi que ahora que puedo tener mi espacio para las clase, casi no me lo creo :-). Y menos mal porque como no quite pronto todas las cajas y bolsas que tengo en casa para decorar la clase de mi nuevo cole, creo que mi novio me mata ja,ja,ja En fin, ya el Lunes me pondré manos a la obra para ir decorándola asi que ya subiré fotos en el blo, que el pobre está abandondo...pero es que ahora estoy dedicandome a planificar, organizar y en fin, como ya sabrás, eso es tarea de chinos ja,ja,ja

    Por cierto, Valentín cada día me gusta más aunque sea con una pizza en la cabeza....en fin, sois una buena pareja: él con una pizza y tú con un cascarón porque a partir de ahora te voy a llamar la "seño caracol" por eso de que te llevas la casa a cuestas ja,ja,ja

    Bueno wapa, ánimo para el comienzo de curso y ¡Viva tu cole-ambulante! :-)

  2. Hola Carmen, como me has hecho reir con el "cole-ambulante":-))))) Pero la verdad es que tienes razon! Valentin el pobre aguanta pizza sobre la cabeza o lo que sea, no tiene "union" para quejarse de mi. Mucha suerte para esta semana, supongo que estas haciendo planes y decoraciones. Hasta pronto:-)