Sunday, 22 February 2015

Playdough Spanish

Years ago my son went to a birthday party and came home with a party bag full of small treasures - one of them was a small pack of plasticine. While we were playing with it, I got inspired to try it in the classroom... We have had lots successful plasticine and playdough activities in my Spanish lessons since then, so I am going to share some work with you today.
With playdough it is really easy to make something within a few seconds, and because it is different and  makes them smile, it will create excitement and a good working atmosphere.
We used plasticine and playdough to describe eye  and hair colours, look at this blog post for more info.

We practised writing our very first Spanish sentences in Year 3.

We used "y" to connect two pieces of information within a sentence.

We pracised the plural form of the noun.

We challenged our partners to guess the sentence, which is great to consolidate vocabulary.

What would YOU make with these? Comments are welcome!:-)

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