Sunday, 26 April 2015

Celebrating Mexico

I recently found out that it was the Year of Mexico in the UK, ( The British Council designed some exciting activities for schools to celebrate Mexican culture, click here to see a PowerPoint, lesson ideas and an art activity!
I always mention el Cinco de Mayo in my schools to talk about Mexico. Read Carolina's blog post about this celebration here (and in fact, read all her blog and join her Facebook group: Fun for Early and Elementary Spanish Teachers, she is awesome:-)).

This year my plans include:
  • look at the British Council PowerPoint (link above)
  • colour Mexican flags and put them on our display 
  • watch these videos about piñatas

  • make  piñatas (we have been practising at home:-)

  •  or just take mine in and play with it (it has homework inside, not sweeties!:-)

  • do vocabulary activities with jalapeños, chocolate, chili, tomato: (Me gusta/No me gusta with pero/porque, shopping role play)
  • look at pictures and murals by Diego Rivera, they will fit in well with our clothes topic
  • encourage the children to participate in a Diego Rivera colouring competition (the images are from here)

  • look at Mexican football players in the Premier Leage: there is a list on Wikipedia

Mexico Mexico[edit]

Any other ideas? Please leave a comment here or tweet me (@Erzsiculshaw)!

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  1. Pues yo tampoco lo sabía...gracias Erzsi...nunca está de más saberlo :-) Muy interesante el pòst, como siempre. Ten buena semanita.