Wednesday, 26 August 2015

YouTube videos for primary Spanish lessons

Here I am sharing the videos I use in my lessons, they are always on my pen drive and we can watch them several times during the year. Choosing a song/video/game is a treat for a birthday pupil or a reward in my lessons. Take a look at my  YouTube songs post from last week in case you have missed it.

How to make the perfect paella

Record breaking paella

La Tomatina

La piñata - they all know it, but they don't realise that it has the letter "ñ" in.

Rompe la piñata

Mexico- fun facts and series

Barcelona anthem - the favourite team of many boys I teach, the anthem is in Catalan, it is a good chance to mention the linguistic diversity in Spain

Colacao advert with Rafa Nadal - the advert contains many words we already know and the pupils have to listen out for these. We even drink Colacao sometimes in small glasses:-)

Wavin' flag with David Bisbal- I am sure you all know it, but have you heard the Spanish version? David Bisbal was one of the Operación Triunfo singers in Spain (like X-factor) and he is a very popular singer now.

Nuestra fuerza eres tú - Real Madrid players speaking in Spanish.... what else do you need to motivate those Year 6 boys???

 ¡A por ellos! - a very catchy tune to cheer the Spanish football team. They badly need it after the last World Cup, so be loud! We managed to sing it together with our Spanish penpals via Skype.

Torres Nike ad- it is quite old and I don't show it now, but it is a special one because Torres joined Liverpool the year I started teaching in the UK (near Liverpool) and the kids demanded it all the time 

Day of the Dead 

Las calaveras - if you only have a minute to show some images

Learn a language - funny video, a good one to celebrate languages

The History of the Spanish language

Yo soy Pat - in Year 3 we learn to say where we live and I have a Postman Pat soft to show "Vivo en Inglaterra" or "Vivo en Greendale." This video is a treat for the end of the lesson.

 Sant Jordi Day -it is a bit like Valentine's Day but in Barcelona. I lived there and experienced the atmosphere, if you have a little time in April, watch this video together with your pupils!

Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos - because Spanish children get their gifts in January!

"Happy New Year" video in 32 languages - I always start the new year with this video, we have to listen out for the Spanish sentence. Watch out for hands up when they say the Portuguese is very similar to the Spanish "Happy New Year"- a good opportunity to talk about language families and Latin.

Ballet Andino - Trajes típicos de Ecuador- for the clothes topic

Sanfermines- many pupils know Sanfermines from the television, it is a good opportunity to discuss bull fights.

Colours of Peru - Peruvian images - a nice video when we do the travel topic or when we celebrate Hispanic Day.

Music of the Andes - same as above

I would be happy to hear what YouTube videos you are using!

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