Friday, 30 October 2015

#eTconf15 - 10 steps to effective communication in eTwinning projects

Last week I attended the eTwinning Conference in Brussels (#eTconf15). It was a fantastic event, I met amazing people, saw inspiring keynotes and participated in fantastic workshops.I learnt a lot and now I am ready to use my new skills and spread the passion!
We were spoilt with the amount of available workshops, click on the programme to see how difficult it was to choose! There was one I definitely wanted to see : 10 steps to effective communication in eTwinning projects run by Irene Pateraki and Paraskevi Belogia. 
I tweeted the whole workshop presentation, here on my blog I will briefly list the 10 steps the Irene and Paraskevi suggest:

1, The pupils need to be confident with the technology they use throughout the project. This includes getting to know Twinspace.

2, Create Twinspace accounts for your pupils, and encourage them to participate on this platform and interact with other pupils. (I am struggling with this as I am a visiting teacher and I haven't got enough time and computers to give everybody the chance but there must be a way around it and I won't give up!)

3, Respect each other online, because the online world is like the real world!

4, Plan ice breaking activities so that the children can get to know each other and build better relationships.

5, Use the Twinspace communication tools: Twinmail, Discussion Forums and the Teacher Bulletin.

6, Add regular live elements (games, quizzes, chats).

7, Integrate collaborative activities into your project (team work, group work).

8, Engage the pupils in active learning: plan fun and creative activities.

9, Provide feedback, because good feedback is where learning happens.

10, Use the right ICT tools! Some examples:
  • schedule an online meeting in Meetinfyre or Doodle
  • use Twiddla for brainstorming or creating a logo for your project
  • use Voxopop for discussing and debating ideas
  • find each other on Zeemap
  • watch a video together on Watch2gether
  • play and learn in Kahoot
  • evaluate in TodaysMeet
  • more:

If you want to see the slides, check my tweets (@Erzsiculshaw) or search for #eTconf15 on Twitter.

Next blog post coming soon: tablets in eTwinning projects!
Now off to do some exercise after all those Belgian waffles:-)

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