Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fruit recipe project: Heart shaped Valentine messages

Heart shaped fruit with  Valentine words
I just can't get enough of Valentine's Day:-) I have already written a post about it here, but I keep looking for new ideas for shorter lessons, longer lessons, big kids, small kids, etc... As you know, I am participating in a fruit recipe book project with my Spanish partners Natalia and Sandra, and this time I wanted to create something romantic to celebrate Valentine's Day.
I bought lovely heart shaped cookie cutters in M&S, and also a big melon, strawberries, apples, bananas and marshmallows, because there is no better motivation than marshmallows, I found that out a few weeks ago.... To add more romance, I took in paper plates left from my wedding (we were on our farm in a barn and the guests preferred eating the cakes without plates:-).
I wrote expressions on the whiteboard : "Te quiero.", "el día de San Valentín", "el día del amor" and  "14 de febrero". The pupils had to write one expression and learn it and then decorate their plates with a heart shaped fruit.
This was a very messy and demanding activity, I couldn't have done it without my teacher helpers, thank you Mrs Rice, Miss Tittle and Mrs Krajewski, you will definitely get free copies of the book!

And if you think that I have finished thinking about Valentine's Day, then watch this space, tomorrow I am going to blog about the big ones' lessons, speed dating in Y5 and Y6! I came across the idea on the Creative Language Class blog here.


  1. ¡Os han quedado chulísimos los platos para San Valentín! Estoy segura que los mayores se lo van a pasar genial con el speed dating :-)

  2. Hola Carmen, gracias:-) Espero que el speed dating(citas rapidas:-) salgan bien manana, nunca hemos hecho nada similar antes. Les voy a decir que pueden cambiar sus identidades para no sentir timidos:-) Ya te contare manana!