Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pancake Day flapbook

We spend every Sunday afternoon with our family best friends and cook the evening meal together. Today we made pancakes for dessert and I got inspired to make a pancake flapbook in class next week in preparation for Shrove Tuesday (4th of March this year). 
You need a piece of card and some paper strips, I used 5 of them. On the outside we'll draw our favourite fillings and on the inside we'll write the names in Spanish.


27/02/2013: We made our pancakes! We changed the title to
Me gusta(n)...,  
¿Te gusta....?
Rellenos de crepes
The children will have to finish colouring them at home, but they have all  drawn and labelled their favourite pancake fillings.


We'll also make a class survey: "What's your favourite pancake filling?"


  1. ¡Qué pinta tiene esa crèpe! ummmmmmmm :-)

  2. :-) La verdad es que solo compre la crema de nutella para ensenarla a mis alumnos pero ya he comido la mitad en 3 dias! Con la nata! Las crepes son estupendas asi:-)