Saturday, 10 May 2014

Meet my puppets!

Here is a list of my puppet activities:
Zig and Zag/ Pablo and Rosa
They were my very first puppets, I got them from a charity shop.  They lived with me until they retired to sunny Spain in 2012. I actually carried them in my handbag to two different holidays in Spain and took photos of them (making a fool of myself many times:-). They both send us postcards and we talk about where they are, what the weather is like and how to write a postcard.
Rosa lives in Ibiza, she likes the sun!

Pablo prefers big cities, he lives in Sevilla and he wants to know what we think of bullfights! This question comes up every time we talk about los Sanfermines and divides the class in two.

Finger puppets:
My first two came from Ibiza, from this street seller:

Then I decided that we all needed one and bought loads from eBay, these are hand made in Peru, 30 cost me about £20. Each pupil gets one, they walk around the classroom and ask/answer all kinds of questions. The shy children are more likely to speak this way and everybody is keen to speak with more partners because they want to show off with their puppets. We look at Peru on the map and mention that it is a Spanish speaking country, like many more in Central/South America.

My String Puppet
I don't know who she is, but she can do actions very well. She is quite new, so far we have used her to demonstrate verbs in our school topic ("Juego en el patio.", "Leo en la biblioteca.", "Como en el comedor." etc.).

The two dragons
These two dragons are really good because you can move their mouths with your fingers at the end of the sticks. If I have the IWB on without the computer attached and the screen is blank, it actually shows the shadows of them when the children hold them in front, very scary!


María and Pedro
They come from the airport duty free shop, as you can tell by their stereotyped look! We use them to perform short role plays, they are really popular and I always get plenty of volunteers to come up in front of the class to play with them. They are my models when we learn what nationalities we are, they say "Soy español" and "Soy Española."

Valentín: love at first sight
I bumped into him on Valentine's Day in the charity shop, that's where his name comes from. When he is with us, we always remember that there is no "v" sound in Spanish. He can do actions, he can freeze like a statue and we have to guess what verb/sentence he is acting out. He loves football and he keeps up with the League tables, he is wearing a Manchester City jacket and a Real Madrid shirt at the moment.

What are your favourite puppets? Leave a comment or tweet me!


  1. Son geniales Erszi...yo me apunto a irme con Pablo y Rosa de viaje porque no conozco ni Ibiza ni Sevilla asi que perfecto...y mientras me voy de viaje dejo "al hombe multiusos" o tu amor a primera vista ( como prefieras llamarlo ja,ja,ja) para que se encargue de trabajar por mi y hacer todas las cosas aquí en Reino Unido ¿Qué dices? ¿Me lo prestas? ja,ja,ja besoss :-)

  2. No te vayas de viaje, que pasara con tus alumnos sin ti???:-)) Valentin es fenomenal, pero no tiene ideas fantasticas como la promesa pinky:-)

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