Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Las pulseras de Valladolid

A few weeks ago we received a parcel from our penpals in Colegio Compañía de María - La Enseñanza in Valladolid.  Among other exciting gifts there were some packets of elastic bands the kids use to make bracelets with, and Natalia, the class teacher wanted to share this activity with us.

 This is really popular with children in Spain at the moment and making bracelets seems a good chance for us to practise colour agreements, get to know Spanish speaking World Cup countries, follow intstructions in Spanish and learn to compliment each other's work.
I bought more elastic bands on ebay to have a bigger choice.
Today we started to make our jewelleries with the elastic bands... We made bracelets, rings and keyring charms while practising Spanish.
Beware! Complete chaos unless you work in small groups!:-)
I made a PowerPoint Presentation of the language content, printed the slides out and put them on the desks.
Colours that change their endings:
We were lucky, because Natalia sent us a video of some of her pupils showing us what to do. I have written the most important steps down.
Spanish speaking countries:I encouraged the children to use the flag colours of the World Cup.

I am very proud of my pupils' work. Watch this space for more elastic band jewellery!

 Thank you Mrs Krajewski, without you I simply couldn't cope, and thank you Natalia, you always make sure we are entertained:-)




  1. Seguro que tu alumnos se lo han pasado genial así que, ahora que les has enseñado "compliments", yo sólo te puedo decir ¡Qué chulada! y ¡Qué pasada! :-) Besoss wapa