Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New blog for my classes

As I said before, we are living big moments in England, languages are compulsory in primary schools! I only teach 1 lesson a week to each year group but I would like to reach out more:-)
Here is my action plan:
  • 5 A DAY Spanish: where pupils have to sing a song or play game every day in school
  • chocolate cake in the staffroom to celebrate Spanish:-)
  • and today I have created a new blog in case the pupils want to show their families what we do in Spanish or sing the songs at home (they do that!). Here we go: . I am planning to add another one tomorrow for my second school. I will show pupils' work, as well. For now I have put the songs and the new words/expressions on the blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas! And you can leave a message for my pupils in the class blog, they would be made up if you could leave a comment:-)

Update 12/09/14: I have just created my other school's blog, it is here:

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  1. Muy buenas noticias! Oléeeee Erzi ¡Tú lo vales! :-)