Tuesday 28 October 2014

Primary ALL hub - 2nd meeting

Last Wednesday we had our second ALL primary hub meeting in Burscough. First we introduced ourselves, talked about the challenges of the new PoS and gave ideas to each other. Then we all shared a resource we really liked.

Here are some links and notes:
ALL website:
http://all-literature.wikidot.com/- poems and ideas in 3 languages

http://culturetheque.org.uk/read - you need to register first (free), then you can read  children books in French

KS2 Framework for Languages - there will be a new version soon

Twitter: a big staffroom for teachers, Paula has joined:-), more information about using it here, written by Joe Dale. I am @Erzsiculshaw on Twitter if you want to follow me!

 Photos and ideas:

 Clare's 5 a day Sp/Fr songs:

Barbara's favourite CD's/DVD's,

and the board game:

Janet: Babelzone and pommes empoisonées

Deborah's stickers and certificates:

Paula's coloured dot group competition vocab cards:

She also suggested playing "Heads down, thumbs up" with vocabulary cards.

Wendy's Spanish leaders:

This was on my blog before, have a look here: 

PACMAN in the classroom

Mini books to spice up writing, lots of templates on Clare Seccombe's blog.

Fly swats for competitions!

Boca Beth videos on Youtube

A sceme of work she really likes: Language Angels

I have attached the assessment documents to your emails:-)

See you again next term!

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