Sunday, 5 October 2014

Día de la Hispanidad/ Columbus Day

We haven't even recovered from the celebrations of the European Day of Languages, and here is the next big day already: el día de la Hispanidad or Columbus Day on the 12th of October.Every pupil knows that they speak Spanish in Spain, but how about the rest of the countries and how did the language get there? 
Next week, in my lessons we will do the following activities:

Watch a short animation of the trip

Here is a very good link to the animated map of Columbus's first trip. Take a look at the other menu options as well, it is a great page that explores his trips and life.

Watch the "History of the Spanish Language"
I found this video on Facebook a year ago, it is a good summary of the history of Spanish. After the video we discuss what they remember and I ask questions for stickers!
The Europe/America exchange: feely bag
Blindfolded volunteers will have to taste/touch/smell  the following items that were brought to Europe from America and viceversa:
from America:el tomate, la patata, el chocolate, la piña, el chicle
from Europe: el trigo, el café, el caballo, el cerdo
There are more items on the web page suggested above!
Make the flags of the Spanish speaking countries! Look at our bunting, we have almost finished our flags  (and got a bit overexcited with the pom poms...).
Any other ideas? Please feel free to leave a comment!
A happy chocolate taster:-)

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  1. Me encanta tu happy chocolate taster ha,ha,ha....Ella se lo pasa pipa ja,ja,ja.... Great activities and ideas Erzsi :-)