Saturday 24 January 2015

Jenga in Spanish

Another stolen idea from Twitter! All credit goes to the following inspirational secondary teachers: @reebekwylie (blog), @elvisrunner (blog) and @morgenmfl (blog).

This is what I did: 

1, I labelled the bricks with numbers 1-6.

2, On a piece of paper, I wrote numbers and verbs - we are doing "hobbies" in Year 6 at the moment (I know I have 10 verbs and the bricks only go up to 6, but I can't be perfect for the first time:-).

3, I made a PowerPoint slide with the possible answers. I expected the pupils to
- give an opinion, or
- give an opinion and contrast it with another hobby verb, using "pero", or 
-give a reason, using "porque".

As they found the same number on the bricks a few times, they could say their opinion in different ways during the game.

It is important that when one player takes a block out, he/she has to say the sentence before the game can go on.

It was a fantastic activity, the pupils loved it!

The verbs are from this song, a big favourite!

Next week, we are going to play it in Year 5 (we are learning to tell the time ).

I think Jenga will be my new addiction in the classroom! :-) 

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