Sunday, 29 March 2015

eTwinning- basic guide for beginners

A week ago Janet Lloyd invited me to talk about eTwinning to language teacher colleagues in Warrington. (Read her blog post about this event called "Making Links Abroad".) I talked about projects we are working on and then I showed some screenshots of the etwinning website, just to make the registration easy. I have decided to copy the slides here on my blog because on Twitter or in the Languages in Primary Schools (LiPS) Facebook group there are always teachers interested in setting up partnership, finding pen pals or starting projects. I would like to show you that it is easy to become an eTwinner teacher!:-)

Here are my simple instructions:

Go to the etwinning website! You will see this:

Click on "Register now" in the right corner!
You will have to fill in a few of these pages, it won't take more than ten minutes, I promise! Have your head teacher's or school's email address handy, you will need it, the head will get a confirmation of your registration.

Create a profile!

You will find this option in the menu bar.
This will take you about 20 minutes, you can write as much or as little as you want to. Other teachers will see this page and can leave a comment for you. You can do the same if you find an eTwinner whose project you are interested in! Here is my profile:

Look for partners!

Go to the "Find etwinners" tab on the menu and you will get this page: 

You can do a search (subject, age, country, etc) or click on the forum you are interested in on the right hand side.After clicking on the forum, you will find lots of teachers looking for partners, look!You can reply to one if you are interested or click on "create message" and start your own thread!

Once you find a partner, you will have to register your project and you can start exchanging photos, videos, documents on Twinspace, which is eTwinning's secure platform. More about this next time!

                            Happy Easter, happy eTwinning!

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