Sunday 15 June 2014

Breaking News: eTwinning Quality Label

A week ago I found out that our fruit recipe exchange projects with our partner classes in Valladolid  were awarded with the eTwinning Quality Label!!! My partner Natalia and I had to apply separately , we both achieved the label and we are very happy and proud of our work.
When we got in touch for the first time in July last year, we never thought of getting any recognition, we just wanted to have more fun in our classrooms, so it is great news that our joint work reached a high standard and won an award.
On Monday Jane Hegedus, the Primary Languages Consultant in Lancashire, asked me to do a presentation on our international work at the Primary Subject Coordinators meeting in Chorley, and while I was putting the presentation together, I just couldn't believe the amount of videos, photos and penpal letters we exchanged. Here on my blog I am not allowed to show the images/videos of the pupils, so I just copied some slides where I talk about eTwinning.


Next week we are going to celebrate and give the pupil certificates out in Year 3 and in Spanish club. I asked the children what they wanted to do, and here is the wish list: lots of music, games and fruit salad:-) And like in a real award giving ceremony, we will say thank you to everybody who helped us:

-the pupils of Colegio Compañía de María in Valladolid
-their teachers Natalia and Sandra (yes, we call them by their first names, like in Spain:-)
-our teaching assistants: Mrs Rice and Mrs Krajewski
-the student teacher: Ms Tittle


If you haven't registered on eTwinning yet, do it right now! It will only take about 5 minutes. Go to the partner finding forum, and see if you like any projects. Some of them are short, while there are long term ones. Or just start your own project!Write about yourself on your profile page. The European Day of Languages is coming up (26th of September), this time last year the forum was busy with postcard exchange and language celebration projects.

Good luck!


  1. ¡Os ha quedado un proyecto chulísimo Erzsi! ¡Olé, olé y olé! Besos wapa .-)

  2. Fenomenal trabajo.
    Go on and and thaks for your fantastic project.We are very proud and happy. Education is easier with people like you. A bridge for our countries.