Saturday, 7 June 2014

Building blocks sentences

Wednesday morning is my very official PPA time, my daughter is in nursery until lunchtime and I have about 4 hours to sort my lessons out. After finding my laptop in the most impossible places, like the ironing basket or behind the radiator,I spend most of the time on Twitter or Facebook, looking for new ideas and sharing what I can help with. Today I have realised that I no longer have Office on my new computer, and can't open PowerPoints, so I thought it was a sign that I had to do something completely different. I looked in my Twitter box (ideas taken from Twitter that need adapting to my groups) and found these buildings blocks I had put away after reading Dominic McGladdery's blog.
They will fit in with our activities very well, because at the end of the school year we are looking back at "old" topics and skills, and we create sentences. We come out to the front of the class and act out the different parts of the sentence, we change each other if we know a different or better word and we try to make the sentence as long as possible. The building blocks will be used as part of the "sentence celebration" activities.
As I said, no Microsoft Office, so I invented the kitchen whiteboard Powerpoint, it is very easy to use :-)
These are the sentences I have written on the blocks. After reading them and discussing them, the class went to sleep for a minute on their desks (they just put their heads down), and I put a block in front of everybody. When they woke up, they had to find where they belonged to and stay together. We did this activity in Year 6 only so far, but I will show you the Year 5 photos, too:

 The activity went really well in Year 6, the pupils read the sentences first on the whiteboard, practised tengo/tienes/tiene, then they were given a block and had to find their sentences without the whiteboard. It was a bit messy and noisy but they were saying the words and trying to work out where they needed to be. We did the last few words together, as a class.I have blank blocks and next week we will add more words to our sentences.

Another possibility is to make our own movies on the iPads with "Lego movie maker", this was Joe Dale's idea on Twitter. I have downloaded it and we will definitely use the app once it is on the school iPads.

And if you are feeling sorry for my daughter/son because I have taken their toys away, I can assure you that they won't even notice, they have so many. And anyway, who do you think enjoys Lego most in my family? :-) 

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  1. Erzsi me ha encantado la idea, nunca mejor dicho, para "la construcción de frases" ja,ja,ja ¡Esta me la guardo! porque seguro la utilizaré. Disfruta del finde wapa :-)