Saturday, 21 June 2014

The first West Lancs Primary ALL Hub

In April me and my friend Sue (French teacher) went to the ALL Language World Conference in Lancaster where we listened to very inspiring presentations, and on the train journey back home we decided that it was time to act and set up a Primary Hub in West Lancashire!
The Association for Language  Learning has several of these hubs in the country, but in my area there aren't any...I always travel hours for CPD, but who knows..... maybe there is a language teacher in every corner of West Lancashire waiting to share good practice! We are hoping to meet up every half term/term to support each other, share ideas and resources.
Learning a language in primary schools will be compulsory in England from September, it is such an exciting time for everybody now!
Here is the flyer:
(The first one is hosted by me only, Sue has a training and will join us later.)

If you are local, please come along, it would be nice to meet like minded people.
If you want to give me advice on how to run a hub, feel free to do so! I am very enthusiastic but have no experience at organising meetings/events. I have already been contacted and given lots of help by Vicky Cooke and Sue Cave who run primary hubs. Thank you ladies!
If you can't come, please spread the word about this hub, you can share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter if you scroll to the bottom of the page.
And finally, if you wish to donate a prize, freebies, send some leaflets or be a speaker in the future, get in touch, you will make us very happy!

Find out more about the Association for Language Learners here.
I have been a member for years, and I have attended great CPD sessions, received the Languages Today magazines and attended the very inspiring Language World Conference at a discount price. All this for £36 a year! Bargain!

See you on the 9th of July, in Burscough!
I am this excited about meeting you:-)

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  1. Suena una idea genial...Me encantaría ir Erzsi pero en Julio ando a mil por hora. Entre organizar la fiesta española, mudarme de clase y además organizar mi otra nueva clase en mi Nuevo cole....creo que como no me convierta en Super man o "tu negro" me sustituya ( la marioneta que te compraste) creo que es imposible jaja,ja pero espero que un future poder comaprtir ideas y experiencias. Estoy segura que saldrá todo muy bien. Si puedo ayudar en algo, avísame wapa. Besoss :-)