Sunday, 12 January 2014

Number games

This half term we will practise numbers 10-20 in year 3 and I have chosen a few activities to share with you. Please feel free to comment, add your suggestions and correct my mistakes!


I love playing table tennis. When I was in primary school I even went to competitions and won some medals, that is why I am very attracted to ping pong balls and keep a lot in my house.
I use them in the classroom, they are excellent in "Pass the parcel", "Bingo" or "Lottery".
The following ping pong ball hunt needs some preparation. Before the lesson while the classroom is empty, I hide 10 of them in the classroom and write their numbers on the whiteboard. I place some blu tack by the numbers and tell the children to look for the balls. They love walking around and having a look everywhere. When they find one, they have to stick them by the corresponding numbers. There is a powerpoint up with the numbers for those who need more support.
This activity takes about 5 minutes in year 3, it is a good plenary and it gets them up from their seats.


The next game was inspired by my mother in law's charity stall at the church fair, I saw these blindfolds and decided that they would be great for a mystery game. They are special because I can write numbers on them with a whiteboard marker and wipe them off easily for the next player. The player comes out in front of the class, another child writes a number on them (between 10 and 20) and the blindfolded one has to guess what the secret number is. He has 3 guesses and if he says the right number, he gets a sticker, if he doesn't, the partner who writes the number gets it. This game could work with simply lifting number flashcards up above the player's head.


I am a beginner ipad user and everything I do at this point has to be 100% foolproof. I have downloaded the Whiteboard app and a volunteer in front of the class will have to write his/her favourite number  on it between 10 and 20. Whoever guesses the number from the class is the next one to come out.

Apart from these, we are going to play
"The secret signal",

Who is quicker? with my fly squatters,


And make "El hámster" repeat the numbers with his very funny voice!



  1. ¡Me encanta tu Blog Erzsi!
    Los juegos son muy atractivos para los niños!!

  2. Están muy bien los juegos...seguro que tus alumnos se saben genial ahora los números :-)

  3. Where did you get the espanol song book?

  4. Lively Languages! aka Angela!15 October 2014 at 06:19

    Really fabulous stuff Erzsi - am purloining forthwith! The pingpong ball idea is lovely - another use of pingpong balls - Ping Pong Palabras (Ping Pong Paroles) either taking in turns whole-group or carousel activity, 2 children pinging and ponging back and forth, speaking at the same time, could be numbers, adjectives, letters, opposites, fun too with 'Any Spanish word you know in your BEST Spanish accent', point for not being the first one to run out of words, and a point for winning the ping pong point - so a double chance to get a point - so very inclusive in that sense - I have also used badminton sets for the more boisterous groups - pingpong balls can be dangerous! Lots of nice, brightly- coloured sets in our most beloved poundshops! I do miss Woolworths - that used to be my go-to shop for absolutely everything!

  5. Those games are great, Erzsi! Do you play them all in a lesson?