Friday, 24 January 2014

Fruit recipe project: Spanish flag bites

Last summer I "met" Natalia on the eTwinning website. She is a full time teacher in a primary school in Valladolid. Her groups and my groups "work together" on a weekly basis, we send letters, cards, videos and lots of emails to each other. Natalia has become a real inspiration to me, her enthusiasm, her new ideas and her sense of humour  have taught me so much. A few weeks ago she came up with an idea: a bilingual cookbook with fruit recipes! First I just thought that I would politely tell her that I don't have the time for this in my short Spanish lessons (45 minutes and 30 minutes), but then I started to do some research online and in my kids' cookbooks and found quite a few things we could make without cooking at the end of the lesson. I am hoping that the children will bring in recipes from next week to make it a real cooperation. We will make videos and a cooking competition, too! We are very excited.
I had lots of ideas in my mind before my first introduction lesson last Tuesday and went to Asda to buy all these:

After hours of experimenting with what would be the simplest fruit creation, I just decided to make "Spanish flag bites"  and only took the pineapples and strawberries in. I cut them in the school that morning to keep them fresh and put them in two plastic boxes.

The kids used toothpicks to make the flags, it only took them a few minutes and they really enjoyed this short introduction activity.

Wish me luck with the Union Jack next week:-)!

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