Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Conjugation with my puppet

After about three months of silence I am back to blogging!!!! My excuses: first I had a bad chest infection around Christmas that lasted more than a month,and then my laptop broke and couldn't get hold of a new one for a while. I have a thousand things to share and I am slowly catching up now...wish me luck!

Grammar and conjugation are important in the KS2 Programme of Studies so we are spending a fair bit practising our verbs this term with the Year 6 pupils. To make the concept of conjugation less abstract, today I took my puppet in and placed him in the other end of the classroom with a pupil. We contrasted "juego" and "juegas"- a volunteer stood up and said a sentence about herself/himself: Juego al fútbol, and the whole class had to point at my puppet and change the sentence to "juega" while the pupil puppet was doing the action.

We also did the Mission Impossible conjugation song (blog here) so we are getting closer to our target to write about our favourite sport stars in third person singular. 
Watch this space to find out more:-)

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