Monday, 14 March 2016

Spanish Grass Heads

One of my Year 1 groups has "Growing Plants" as their class topic this half term. I had been struggling to link it with Spanish but yesterday I found something really exciting on the Facebook page of, a Hungarian craft site for nursery teachers. One of the teachers (Ujszaszine Soós Márti) posted her classes' grass heads, about 20 of them next to each other in yoghurt pots. They looked so cute, I fell in love with them immediately. I watched the instructions video on Youtube, (just search for grass head) I went to Poundland to get the ingredients and took a bowl of grass heads in this morning:-)

We always talk about how we are feeling at the beginning of the lessons and it seemed a good idea to draw these emotions on the faces of the grass heads. We sang three songs, as well:
1, the weather one, to remember that we need rain and sun to grow plants
2, the days of the week song, to remember that we have to water them a bit every day, and 
3, Cabeza, hombros piernas y pies to remind ourselves of the body parts of the grass heads.
You can find these songs on Carole Nicoll's Español Español CD or on itunes.

Watch this space for an update! Hope their hair will start growing soon!

Update 1 week later:-)

If you bump into a Spanish teacher without socks...that's me!

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