Tuesday, 8 March 2016

El baile de los animales - a Spanish song in assembly!

In Key Stage 1 I always try to do my best to link Spanish to the class topics. It is quite easy most of the time, because they learn about the body, the seasons, animals, weather....but recently I found out that the class topic of my Year 2's is Penguins and their teacher asked me if I could find a song for their class assembly! It is such an honour to be included in a class assembly so I spent ages and ages researching but couldn't come up with a penguin song....The closest I got was one with a crocodile, an elephant and a chicken:-) As the tune got into my brain and there was no way getting it out, I showed it to the class teacher who liked it but suggested that we should change the chicken to penguins, which we did! 
After two weeks of practising, we are all getting more confident (and less dangerous with our elephant trunks).
Here is the song, if you feel like dancing, but don't forget to waddle when it gets to the chickens penguins:-) 

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