Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter 2016

Happy Easter to you all! 
Here are some photos from last week...We discussed Easter traditions with our eTwinning partners in Sunderland and Valladolid.We were sent lovely nazareños from Carmen's class, they are on display in the Year 5 classroom now. Our cards are on the way....

I like making nazareños, these are from a different class - they took them home and promised to tell their families about Spanish Easter traditions. 

Just like last year, we ate some Haribo bunnies and chicks to remember that the adjective comes after the noun in Spanish.

We played "egg hunt": the children had to find the egg blindfolded while following instructions in Spanish (izquierda, derecha, recto).
We also played "chicken fight", an all time favourite, which is not only fun but makes you practise Spanish pronunciation. The rules are here on my previous blog post.

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