Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Spanish in the rainforest

In one of my schools I was asked to link my lessons to the class topics and their curriculum. This surprised me and I found it a bit frustrating after spending a whole summer on my scheme of work...(not an illustration, this is it:-).

But everything happens with a reason I thought, and soon I found it very exciting to adjust my planning to the curriculum, it was fun to look for completely new resources (and toys in the charity shop:-).

To learn the place of the adjective in a Spanish sentence, we described parrots we made. I found the crafty idea here: http://blog.growingwithscience.com/2011/11/weekend-science-fun-birds-of-the-rain-forest/

We learnt a new song: Soy una serpiente... and played it in the classroom with 2 snakes, one for the girls and 1 for the boys.

We also did some green screen conversations, it was exciting to ask and answer questions and practise taking turns in the middle of the rain forest!

Now we have moved on, and in the second half of the term we are learning about rainforest fruits and how to buy them in the market. Will tell you about it later!


  1. I just wanted to say, 'Muchísimas gracías' for your inspirational blog, Erzsi. I am teaching Year 2 French for the first time and have found your ideas to be an absolutely fantastic source - it's the first place I come when planning my lessons! I'm also using some of the ideas with Spanish classes right up to sixth form. Catherine B

    1. Hello Catherine, thank you very much for your lovely feedback, it really means a lot:-)
      I am glad you like the blog and I wish you all the best! Erzsi x