Monday, 28 March 2016

Dice conjugation with the "plenary pals"

The idea of "plenary pals" comes from one of my favourite teaching books:  Pimp your lesson  (I. Wallace, L. Kirkman).
Here I'll tell you about how I used this last week with Year 6 in our Spanish lesson where we are learning about verbs and the conjugation of "tener".
Some of the pupils finished the writing activity before the others and I gave them a job - to create a plenary activity taking into consideration the learning objective of the lesson. They could use the iPad, (they already know some apps from previous lessons).  They chose Make Dice Lite and created this:

The dice template was handy as Spanish verbs have 6 forms, so they could fit the verbs on the 6 sides. (The pink number dice is always there, we just ignored it this time but I appreciate it could be useful if we put 6 different infinitives on each side and the challenge would be to conjugate it in the person where the number dice stops. Also, you can use more dice at the same time to make a sentence building activity.)
During the plenary, we mirrored the iPad screen on the IWB. A volunteer came out and stood by the screen (without seeing it). Another pupil shook the dice (=the ipad), and the "mind reader" had to guess the verb form, he had 3 chances. If the mind reader was lucky, the reward was a sticker. But if he didn't guess it, he could still get the sticker for a challenge the class set (saying the verb in a mysterious voice, singing it,etc).
We could have said a sentence with the verb form the dice gave us, that could be our starter next Thursday!
Feel free to comment with your ideas:-)!

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